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Family - the link from our past to bridge our future...

Pre-School learners had a wonderful time sharing their family tree with their peer group .Children brought flash cards ,epic family tree,pictures and took immense pride in discussing their family members .This interaction helped them to understand the concept of nuclear and joint family too.
The aim of the activity was to develop a sense of belonging and strengthen their bonding with the family.

In a family ,like the branches of a tree , we might grow in different directions but the values of empathy , respect , honesty we learn act as roots which keep us bound together as one unit.


    Class IV : Class Assembly
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    The students of class IV Strawberries made an attempt to create awareness about the hazards of single use plastic in the class assembly held on July 12, 2019.
    The viewers enjoyed the presentation and promised to make changes in their lifestyle to reduce their carbon footprints. The HM, Ms. Premlata Chaudhary, also reinforced the formula of 4Rs i.e. Refuse, Reduce, Reuse and Recycle in the students.
    The school principal, Ms. Nita Arora, addressed the children and reinforced in them the habit of healthy eating.


      Special Assembly
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      'Radiant faces,beaming smiles,
      Spreading happiness all the while,
      Back to school with dreamy eyes,
      Growing, evolving and getting wise.'

      Sri VIS - Middle Wing , conducted a special assembly on July 8,2019 to welcome the students back after the summer break and to honour the prefects of the session 2019-20. These newly elected prefects were also handed over the badges with the added responsibility of maintaining the discipline and other duties entrusted on them , by Mr Anuj Manchanda - HM, Ms Vineet Tomer - Coordinator (Middle Wing) and Mr Sanjeev Chauhan - Administrative Officer. In his speech , the HM motivated the students to fulfil their duties with earnestness and encouraged children to chase their dreams.The campus was resonating with cheerful laughter of happy children, all set to blossom and bloom.

        “It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.”

        Debate is one of the academic activities that allows us to consider the world around us by thinking about different arguments, engaging with opposing views and speaking strategically. Sri VIS has set a benchmark in conducting these activities in such a way that students not only enjoy but also learn a great deal from it. 
        One such activity was the Inter-House Debate Competition for the students of Class 8 , which motivated the students to express their views with wit and confidence. 
        The teams got 45 minutes to prepare and put forth their arguments and they used various skills like overstatement, definition, rhetoric, irony etc. to convince the audience.
        The participants exhibited great oratory skills. They enjoyed the hard work needed for presenting their arguments before the audience. 
        The adjudication for the event was done by :
        Ms Vineet Tomer - Middle Wing Coordinator , 
        Ms Vineeta - Senior Wing Coordinator and 
        Ms Neeru Dhamija - HOD(English). 
        The Guest of Honour and School Principal, Ms Nita Arora , addressed the students and appreciated the audience, the teams of debaters and the organising mentors.
        The result of the competition is as follows:
        First position:
        Sincerity House-
        1) Avik Choudhary-8A
        2) Arshiya Thakur-8D

        Second Position:
        Integrity House-
        1)Hrehaan Zafar- 8C
        2) Parisha Chauhan- 8D

        Third Position(shared by two houses)
        Strength House-
        1) Jiya Khanna- 8D
        2) Shaurya Tyagi- 8E
        Value House-
        1) Snehal Gupta- 8C
        2) Angad Singh Mago- 8D

        Top Speakers:
        1) Hrehaan Zafar and Avik Choudhary
        2) Jiya Khanna
        3) Arshiya Thakur
        4) Angad Singh Mago

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