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Happy summer holidays!
GradeII students created beautiful summer scene with a riot of colours on RECYCLABLE Newspaper folders. The folder making Activity insighted an eagerness in kids to quickly fill it up with all homework worksheets that are to be uploaded soon. Creativity aptly springs an inherent sincerity!


    Mother's Day Activity
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    "God cannot be present everywhere, therefore he created mothers"
    A little effort by children of class 1 to surprise and thank their mothers for their unconditional love and care by preparing Virgin Mojito on the occasion of Mother's Day.

      HOGI or Helen'O Grady International Day Class 5 : some glimpses

      Chief Guest : Dr Pramodini Verma 
      Former Principal Bharati College and Professor at SAARC College

        Students of Grade II laid a sumptuous snack for themselves by preparing 'chatpati bhel' with the most exotic ingredients: crispy flakes, peanuts, murmuras, shredded crunchy salad and delicious dips!! The Kitchen activity was thoroughly enjoyed by one and all!
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