Board of Governers Sh. Raj Pal
Founder Chairman
School Mgmt. Committee

Sh. B. B. Gakhar,
Former Chairman
Board of School Education, Haryana
Ex-Chairman - High Powered Commmittee

Prof. D.V. Sharma
Council of Boards of School Education, India
New Delhi

Sh. C. B. Bhardwaj
Deputy Director, S.I.E. (Retd. )

Sh. S.K. Gangal
Education Officer (Retd.)
Central Board of Secondary Education,
New Delhi

Sh. R. K. Bhatia
Former Principal, Modern School
Barakhamba Road, New Delhi

Sh. Iswar Singh Chikara
Group Captain (Retd.)

Ms. Rita Talwar
Former Principal, Cambridge School
Srinivaspuri, New Delhi
Founder Chairman Sh. Rajpal
Chairman Mr. Sailander Solanki
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