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    We have amazing talent that is nurtured with love and care at school

    The World Scholar’s Cup 2017 -18 (Dwarka Regional Round)


    • 15 teams out of 16 qualified for the global round .
    • Our students won 38 Gold medals and 94 Silver medals.
    • Muskan Mahajan, Mehak Mahajan and Aarchi Mann students of class 8 won two trophies:
    1. Secured third place in Writing.
    2. Secured fourth place in Top Five Champion Teams.
    • Manas Kapur student of class 7 is the subject winner in History.
    • Ananya Chopra won the Final debate showcase.
    • Muskan Mahajan and Paavni Mago are the School Top Scholars.
    • Three teams from our school are the Champion teams.

    Result of the following events :

    1. Scholar's Bowl
    Rank-Team Name - Participants
    40 - Team 179 - Gracy Katyal, Khushi Chillani, Mahika Sharma
    36 - Team 184 - GaurikaDham, DakshijaBisht, Nimisha Rai
    35 - Team 181 - Ananya Sharma, Mehak Adlakha, Tisha Kapoor
    28 - Team 177 - Puru Mehra, Manas Kapur, Jeev Sharma
    22 Team 186 - Samiya Gupta, Ananya Kohli, Jahnavi Dhoundiyal
    18 - Team 188 - Oditi Gupta, AmiaGigoo, Ananyaa Chopra
    14 - Team 175 - Om Kushwah, Aditya Goel, Nischay Sharma
    7 - Team 187 - Aarchi Mann, Muskan Mahajan, Mehak Mahajan

    2. Debate Champions
    Rank - Team -. Name
    90 - Team 180 - Geetansh Malhotra 
    86 - Team 185 - Vidushi Sundaram
    84 -Team 179 -Gracy Katyal
    79- Team 189 - Devansh Agarwal
    66 -Team 184 - Gaurika Dham
    60 -Team 187 - Aarchi Mann
    52 -Team 177 - Manas Kapur
    44- Team 189 - Yugam Puri
    41 -Team 187 - Muskan Mahajan
    34- Team 181 - Ananya Sharma
    28- Team 185 - Sargun Kaur Gujral
    12 -Team 188 - Ananyaa Chopra

    3. Writing Champions
    Rank Name Team

    98 Mehak Adlakha - Team 181
    92 Manas Kapur - Team 177
    89 Sargun Kaur Gujral - Team 185
    82 Devansh Agarwal - Team 189
    78 SankalpaMahanta - Team 178
    77 GaurikaDham - Team 184
    72 Om Kushwah - Team 175
    69 Ananyaa Chopra - Team 188
    67 Dakshija Bisht - Team 184
    63 Aaditya Khurana - Team 183
    55 Aarchi Mann - Team 187
    50 Kayna Dhingra - Team 189
    38 Oditi Gupta - Team 188
    32 Aarush Agarwal - Team 182
    23 Nimisha Rai - Team 184
    16 Mehak Mahajan - Team 187
    15 AmiaGigoo - Team 188
    13 Nischay Sharma - Team 175
    4 Muskan Mahajan - Team 187

    From Senior Division

    18 NiveditaSoni - Team 437

    4. Challenge Subject Winners 2018 DWARKA ROUND
    Manas Kapur (History)
    • He is the subject winner.

    5. Challenge Subject Winners Junior Division
    Challenge ARTS
    Mehak Mahajan

    Challenge -Arts Junior Honor Medals
    Amia Gigoo, Muskan Mahajan

    Challenge -Arts Junior Honor Medals
    Aarchi Mann – Rank 2

    Challenge -Social Studies Junior Honor Medals
    Mehak Adlakha
    Aaditya Khurana
    Aarchi Mann
    Aryan Kaushal Kejriwal – Rank 3

    Challenge HISTORY

    Challenge -Literature Junior Honor Medals
    YugamPuri ,Mehak Mahajan, Aarchi Mann ,
    Jyotin S Thakur
    Ananyaa Chopra- Rank 5
    Aryan Verma- Rank 4

    Science Junior Honor Medals
    Aarush Agarwal, Aryan Verma, Aarchi Mann, Om Kushwah, Manas Kapur
    Muskan Mahajan – Rank 3

    Challenge -Special AreaJuniorHonor Medals
    Ananya Kohli
    Mehak Adlakha
    Devansh Agarwal

    6. Top Debate Teams

    Top Debate TeamsJuniorHonor Medal
    Rank Team Name

    26 Team 185 Riya Sondhi, VidushiSundaram, Sargun Kaur Gujral
    23 Team 188 Oditi Gupta, AmiaGigoo, Ananyaa Chopra
    21 Team 187Aarchi Mann, Muskan Mahajan, Mehak Mahajan
    17 Team 189KaynaDhingra, YugamPuri, Devansh Agarwal

    7. Top Writing Teams

    Top Writing TeamsJuniorHonor Medal
    Rank Team Name
    26 Team 175 Om Kushwah, Aditya Goel, Nischay Sharma
    22 Team 189 KaynaDhingra, Yugam Puri, Devansh Agarwal
    12 Team 184 GaurikaDham, DakshijaBisht, Nimisha Rai
    8 Team 188 Oditi Gupta, AmiaGigoo, Ananyaa Chopra
    3 Team 187 Aarchi Mann, Muskan Mahajan, Mehak Mahajan

    8. Top Writing Teams
    10 Team 437 Paavni Mago, Nivedita Soni, Niharika Soni

    9. Top Challenge Teams
    Top Challenge Teams
    Rank Team Name

    8 Team 187 Aarchi Mann, Muskan Mahajan, Mehak Mahajan

    10. School Top Scholar
    Sri Venkateshwar International School -Muskan Mahajan from Junior

    Sri Venkateshwar International School –Paavni Mago from Senior

    11. Da Vinci Scholars

    Rank Name 
    23 Simar Kaur
    21 Rakshit Bajaj
    19 Shivanshi Bansal

    12. Champion Scholars 
    Rank Name
    10 Aarchi Mann
    9 Ananyaa Chopra
    6 Muskan Mahajan

    13. Champion Team Countdown

    Champion Team CountdownJuniorHonor Medal
    Rank Team Name
    21 Team 177 Puru Mehra, Manas Kapur, Jeev Sharma
    8 Team 188 Oditi Gupta, Amia Gigoo, Ananyaa Chopra

    14. Champion Teams 

    Champion Teams

    4th Place Junior
    Sri Venkateshwar International School
    Team 187
    Aarchi Mann, Muskan Mahajan, Mehak Mahajan


      Behetar India campaign
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      Behetar India campaign aims to work towards a better future for India.The core thought of the campaign is to mobilise students to join nationwide movement that focuses on three main pillars of the campaign -D Health, Hygiene and Environment.
      Students of our school were the various drives under it.they were part of behetar swasthya, behetar swachhta and behetar vatavaran.

        Author’s Visit 
        (Ms Deepa Agarwal)
        Date: October 11, 2017

        Sri VIS got the privilege to welcome the eminent writer Ms Deepa Agarwal for the launch of her book ‘Hindu Gods and Goddesses’. Till date she has penned down about fifty books for the children ranging from mystery and adventure novels, ghost stories, stories of everyday life, picture books and biographies, retold fold tales and myths. She is fondly read and admired by children for her immense contribution to children’s reading in both India and abroad. 
        On her visit to Sri VIS Ms Deepa Agarwal read out interesting extracts from her new launch ‘Hindu Gods and Goddesses’ to the students of Class – IV. The students were overjoyed listening to her and each one of them wanted to read more of the book. She was felicitated by the school Headmistress Ms Shama Kapoor for giving us an informative session on her new book. 
        Sri VIS family wishes Ms Deepa Agarwal lots of luck for her future writing.

          Out of 500+ participants across India, 50 were shortlisted by a panel of experts.
          Sri VIS was the only Institution with three selections and all came back with prizes!

          Ms Nita Arora 'Head Learner'- First Prize
          Ms Yogita Misra 'PRT' - Fourth Prize
          Ms Shailja Chandar 'Pre Pri Coordinator' - Fifth Prize

          Final round was of Extempore Speech, in which one First Prize of Rs 100,000 , two Second Prizes of Rs 50,000 each, four Third Prizes of Rs 25,000 each, 20 Fourth Prizes of Rs 10,000 each and 13 Fifth Prizes of Rs 5,000 were to be decided.


            Commonwealth Games- Canada
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            Congratulations to the Taekwondo Coach Mr Ajay Dalal for winning the Commonwealth Games Gold Medal at Canada
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              "Never tell people how to do things. Tell them what to do and they will surprise you with their ingenuity. ~ George S. Patton "