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Ansh Dagar of class l Mulberries has been awarded Gold Young performer certificate by Trinity College of London

    Road Safety is a common topic which is constantly spread and discussed around us. From under- age driving to violation of traffic lights, law breakers are all around us inviting accidents. The students of Sri Venkateshwar International School went on the roads near to school to spread awareness amongst people about road safety rules and regulations under the Legal Literacy Programme to observe “Global Safety Week” from 8th to 14th May, 2017.

    Dwarka court Judge, Sh. Jagmohan Singh on the eve of Global Road Safety week told students about the repercussions of violating rules leading to deadly accidents. Students were accompanied by traffic police helping them make road a safer place and teachers for guiding them for a better moral. Students interacted with the traffic rules violators and guided them with the basic safety laws. This act is much appreciated by the commuters.

    Young minds are the future of this country and we have to emphasize on the need to understand that rules are made for us not against us. Obeying rules isn’t going to lower our respect or dignity on the other hand it makes us a better citizen. So let’s pledge towards a safer road, a safer Delhi and a safer future.

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      Congratulations to Sri VIS family for being recognised with Gold Award for exceptional work on UN Sustainable Goals
        Preschool first excursion to Modern Bazar with the aim - I see, I learn 

          Kudos to the National Level Bronze Medalist - PRIYANSH VERMA Class 9!

          Total number of states that participated : 12
          Number of participants : 817

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