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1. Celebrations – A  melting pot for cultures

2. Learning of Fractions And its impact on primary students

3. Healthy food combinations 

4. Nature in Danger : A collaborative & comparative study across the Globe

5. Bury your garbage and grow veggies on it

6. Bridging and knowing the world through languages 

7. Changing face of world's socio-economic structure 



    Class V : Graffiti Acitivity
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    Class V children showed the love for their mothers by doing this cute and creative Graffiti Activity.
      God could not be everywhere...So,he created mother... Pre-Primary children celebrated Mother's day by making beautiful teddies for their beloved mothers.


          Fun With Paper Activity.
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          Children learn as they play and we must teach them how to do joyful learning. To develop their skills we introduced them to Fun With Paper Activity.
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            "As for me, all I know is that I know nothing. ~ Socrates "