Unique features & facilities

Unique features and special facilities of Sri VIS



      Nayi Disha (For Pre-School & Pre-Primary) - Multimedia gaming for Learning & Recreation. 


                                                  WHOTS LAB (For I & II)  -  For enhancing Higher order thinking skills amongst students.


                     Helen O’ Grady Theatre, Speech & Personality Development Programme for Classes (I – V)  

                A programme to enhance listening and communication skills and to stimulate creativity amongst students. 



      Chrysalis (EZ Vidya) (For Pre-School – II) - On creating reflective learning environment



        First in Math (For I - VIII) -  Online Maths Curriculum Support for energizing every child to learn, love and live math.                                   


Games & Sports             

  • Yoga, Swimming, Basketball

  •  Football, Skating, Cricket

  •  Volleyball, Rope Skipping, Tennis

  • Class Athletics, Badminton, Korfball

  • Baseball, Rugby

  •  Specially developed Taekwondo facility with South Korean Equipment and  International Master

  • Rock Climbing for developing an International Sport

  • Jump Bunch – A special sports and fitness programme for kindergarten students

  • MILKHA SUREfit - Enhances personality development for physical stamina building. 


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